First Visit to Weierbach & Genetti Prosthodontics

Prosthodontics in Lancaster, PA

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We look forward to seeing you for your first visit to our office! While every visit is essential for your overall dental health, your initial visit is especially important. A thorough dental exam is the first step in determining your individual treatment plan. We spend as much time listening as we do examining you. Because we strongly believe in doctor-patient communication in our practice, we take the time you need to answer your questions to help you understand your treatment plan.

As we are a specialty office, our examinations and discussions with you are comprehensive and it is important that we allow time to ensure your complete understanding and comfort. Therefore, please allow 90 minutes for your initial appointment.

For your first visit, you will be greeted by our welcoming front office team who will happily take and review your initial patient forms. You will then meet with one of our talented assistants who will sit with you to discuss your initial concerns and questions. They will relay this information to the doctor, after which Dr. Weierbach or Dr. Genetti will sit with you to further discuss your concerns and goals. They will complete a comprehensive examination which typically consists of a thorough look of your mouth and teeth, the taking of radiographs and photographs, and any other records needed to make proper diagnoses and plan. While sometimes a discussion of the treatment plan can be completed at this initial visit, to ensure the proper time and consideration of your treatment options, a separate consultation appointment may be recommended and scheduled. At this second appointment, please feel free to bring a loved one with you.

New to Our Office?

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