Dr. Weierbach's state-of-the-art technology

We are proud to offer the highest quality dental care possible by using state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, and procedures. Sophisticated equipment helps us diagnose potential problems, communicate treatment needs, and plan effective treatment designed especially for you. Here are examples of the technology we use for your benefit.

Computer-Guided Implant Dentistry:

This precise, computer-driven technology helps to assure accuracy and enhance the speed of treatment as we apply your customized implant plan.

Digital Shade Matching:

Precise Digital Shade Matching measures the shade of your teeth with the click of a button to assure your restoration matches your remaining teeth, or will match other aspects of more extensive restorations, whether existing or new.

Digital Radiography:

In our practice, all of our radiographs (X-rays of your bone and teeth) use this technology which is more accurate and exposes our patients to significantly less radiation than other traditional technologies. The images are easily viewed on the computer monitors in every patient suite so we can view any challenges to your smile, teeth, and bone health together.

Intra-Oral Camera:

This technology allows us to photograph the inside of your mouth for a more accurate diagnosis of any dental issues. Projected onto a color monitor located in each patient suite, the image can be fully enlarged to a 17 monitor screen size so that you and Dr. Weierbach can view any potential issues together. The camera is a vital tool for our diagnostic and patient communication process.

The ConsultPro:

TheConsultPro is an innovative, communicative aid used to explain the different procedures we perform. For example, if your treatment plan includes veneers, the Professor will show you that procedure step-by-step.

Fiber Optics and Magnification:

We use fiber optic hand pieces and magnification during our dental procedures to ensure the highest quality of care, precision, and fit.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas):

Nitrous Oxide is available for the comfort of our patients.

Audio Headsets:

All rooms are equipped with Ipod touches and noise cancelling headphones to enjoy while having their dental procedure.

Digital Scanning for Crowns:

Dr. Weierbach utilizes a new technology of digital scanning for the majority of his crowns and porcelain veneer patients. Instead of the traditional gooey impression material, he digital scans the teeth to record his dimensions and his dental laboratory makes the crown or veneer from the scanned image. It’s accuracy is far superior and is easy for the patients, especially those who are uncomfortable with the impression procedure. He is the first and only dentist in Lancaster County to use this new technology.