Cosmetic Reshaping of Teeth Before and After Photos

Want the appearance of straighter teeth without orthodontics or braces? It may be possible to achieve that ideal look in very little time with minimal adjustment of your teeth and/or the adding of bonding resin material.

Note: Actual Patient pictures treated by Dr. Genetti

Before Dental Bonding and Eshetic ContouringBefore – Crowded lower teeth
After Dental Bonding and Eshetic ContouringAfter – Teeth reshaped by adjusting edges and adding bonding to the left central tooth. Treatment time: 30 minutes

Note: Actual patient pictures treated by Dr. Weierbach

Cosmetic reshaping of Teeth BeforeBefore – Crowded lower front teeth
cosmetic reshaping of teeth AfterAfter – Teeth reshaped by adjusting the edges to give an appearance of being straighter. Treatment time – 30 minutes