Teeth Whitening FAQs in Lancaster PA

Why is Zoom Blue Light in-office whitening preferred by Weierbach & Genetti Prosthodontics?

Simply put, this in-office treatment is the easiest, quickest, most effective, and most stable whitening modality in dentistry. There is no better teeth whitening technique available. Most often, we are whitening teeth in conjunction with placing crowns, laminates, or bonding on adjacent teeth.  Not only does the shade of white that we achieve hold up well over time, but it matches nicely with the ceramic restorations we place.  Plus, our patients like it because there are no nightly trays, messy gels, strips, etc. Lie back in one of our comfortable dental chairs, listen to music on headphones, and relax. Ninety minutes later, you’ll have a brighter, more youthful smile.

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Does this process get my teeth whiter than other modalities?

Yes. The blue LED light accelerated bleach is 25% hydrogen peroxide and saturates teeth deeper than other systems. The light helps to oxygenate the gel, and the result is consistent and natural-looking.

What about teeth sensitivity afterward?

We get this question often. During the procedure, there is little to no sensitivity. Our bleaching technician consistently checks in with you to make sure you are comfortable. Immediately after the treatment is complete, we apply a fluoride gel. We also send you home with a desensitizing gel, Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP), to use that evening, if necessary.  Mild sensitivity may be experienced for 24 hours, but rarely longer.

Will my teeth look too white and opaque (Like Ross on the Friends episode)?

Everyone’s greatest fear, right?! The answer, thankfully, is no. The Zoom whitening system gives you natural-looking results every time. Teeth look nice and naturally translucent, with a cleaned-up, lighter, and cleaner look.

How long is the tooth whitening appointment?

Allow for 2 hours. Dr. Genetti or Dr. Weierbach will first examine your teeth to make sure you are a good candidate. Then, our Expanded Function Dental Assistant will polish your teeth prior to whitening. Once your lips and gums are safely covered with a silicone type gel, you will receive 4 different applications of whitening gel, every 15 minutes in length. And that’s it!

Is there assurance that this will work?

Yes. We use a digital shade scanner to measure and record your shade before we start. We normally see you one week after the treatment to scan your shade, examine the difference, and make sure you are pleased with the results.

What else should I know?

Good question. It’s important that you refrain from any colored drinks or food for 72 hours following the procedure. (You can do this!) We have our own Weierbach & Genetti Prosthodontics Menu we will give to you with suggested foods. That includes no coffee or red wine for 72 hours, so you may want to schedule your teeth whitening treatment accordingly!

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