Keeping Our Patients and Providers Safe during COVID-19


Infection control has always been of utmost importance to us at Weierbach & Genetti Prosthodontics, and we assure you that we will continue to adhere to all infection control recommendations made by

  • the American Dental Association (ADA),
  • the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and
  • the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Infection Controls and Precautions

During times like the present, the value of rigorous infection controls and universal precautions is most apparent. Clearly, we all benefit— Dr. Genetti, Dr. Weierbach, our staff, and our patients. We know that a good and safe practice relies on an element of trust. We encourage you to discuss any concerns you might have with us.

Changes to Your Visits

When we confirm your appointment over the phone.

  • We will take your temperature with a no-touch digital thermometer as you enter our office. Any patient with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above will be rescheduled. This same standard is applied to each of our team members upon their arrival each morning.

Changes to Our Office

In addition to the way in which we now conduct our patient care, we’ve made a variety of changes to our office to ensure your safety. We have met and exceeded all Department of Health, CDC, and ADA guidelines. You will find the following changes when you visit our office:

  • We’ve installed FDA-approved air purifiers with Mokule PECO technology, which trap and kill bacteria and viruses as small as COVID-19, in the reception room, in our operatories, and throughout our office.
  • We use ReLeaf intraoral suction technology to enhance evacuation during dental procedures.
  • Hand sanitizer and soap and water are always available in each operatory and our reception area for patients and our team members.
  • We have modified the patient flow throughout our office to help maintain social distancing.
  • We follow and exceed all OSHA guidelines in terms of sterilization and disinfecting each room between patients. We sterilize all reusable equipment, such as dental handpieces, before every use. To sterilize equipment, we use a device that kills bacteria and viruses with steam, heat, and pressure.

Please call us with any questions you have regarding our updated protocol. Weierbach & Genetti Prosthodontics Office Phone Number 717-560-9190