Patient Review

I met Dr. Weierbach when I was 18 years old, and a pre-dental college student. Today, I am 23 and will be starting dental school in a couple of weeks! Without a doubt, Dr. Weierbach has been the most positive influence in my journey and truly a mentor figure. Of all the dental professionals I have shadowed in Lancaster, I could quickly tell he not only LOVES what he does, but he also EXCELS at it. He is patient, fair, compassionate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, intelligent, talented, and someone who values both learning and teaching. In his office, I am never a "shadow," but someone he sees potential in and wants to share his craft with, even taking the time to introduce me to his patients and to talk about life over lunch. I have been thankful for the opportunity to sit in on his courses at Penn Dental as his guest, and to learn about his own mentors and journey into dentistry. Every member of his staff is also a gem. They are professional, invested in their work, genuine, caring, and the best at what they do. They have become another family of mine that I make sure to catch up with and visit whenever I am home over breaks. I feel lucky to have Dr. Weierbach in my life as someone I look up to in all the roles he holds, and can trust with my dental health. He is truly inspirational, and his office and staff are exceptional.

- Victoria C

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