Patient Review

12 years ago I had a set of 3 implants installed on my lower jaw to secure a new prosthesis. Everything was wonderful until recently while chewing something popped. I just knew something was seriously wrong. My regular dentist, the amazingly talented Jim Smallwood, took x-rays and checked everything securing the teeth and couldn't detect any problem. Good, I'm thinking. Several months later while eating a cookie, 7 of the front center teeth broke off my prosthesis. Dr Smallwood took me in immediately thinking we would take an impression and have another prosthesis made in the next couple days. When he removed the prosthesis it didn't take long to discover that all three of the implants had the screw broken off in the implant. Jim very quickly realized this is going to call for what Jim described as the best in the area....Dr John Weierbach. John made room for me in his schedule immediately. While Jen was getting me seated and waiting for John to come into the room Jen said very confidently that when all else fails in dental care the patient ends up in Dr Weierbach's chair. John had the impossible task of removing broken off screws out of implants. The technology does not really exist to execute a task like that. John became obsessed over the next 30 days, in about 8 separate sittings, working endless hours to figure out how to get those screws out. John collaborated with the supplier of dental supplies and ended up using equipment like an auto mechanic might use in micro miniature form. John never considered the possibility that failure to accomplish the objective was an option. John found himself getting up in the middle of the night with this challenge on his mind and worked with mockups trying to come up with a strategy to extract the screws. Every one of the members of his team became part of the cheering squad. I have NEVER seem a more dedicated, eminently skilled and caring team and how we celebrated when the mission was finally accomplished. Had he not been successful at removing those broken screws it would have meant removing those implants, replacing with new implants and a new set of lower teeth and all the costs that go with it. I'm forever indebted.

- Mel H

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