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I am very grateful for Dr. John Weierbach and for each of his staff members, for their excellent quality of dental care, the personable interaction with each one, and to be able to experience amazing solutions to difficult dental issues. When I first came to Dr. Weierbach, I was having intense pain and teeth problems. Dr. Weierbach was able to help me when I really needed answers and solutions, to relieve me of the pain that I was experiencing. It was a journey of healing: After a very thorough examination, Dr. Weierbach discovered a hidden cracked tooth. After the tooth was removed, another problem surfaced, which was a bone infection. Dr. Weierbach treated me faithfully and persistently till the infection cleared up. I then started to have TMJ issues, with extreme pain in my jaw, temples, and forehead. Dr. Weierbach, in his wisdom, gave me wonderful dental care, by measuring and fitting me with a mouth piece which I used for several months during the day as well as the night. It helped over time to relieve the pain and pressure. He also ordered physical therapy for me to take, which was extremely beneficial. Over time, and with treatments, the TMJ subsided, for which I was very grateful. After months of healing, it was time for reconstruction for my teeth. Again, Dr. Weierbach in his wisdom drew up a plan to bring wholeness in structure for my teeth. I received a bridge on each side of my upper teeth, and later on, four new front teeth that added to the beauty of my smile, which I am very grateful for. The care given by the dental assistants was great. They were very skilled in their abilities with dental assistance with Dr. Weierbach as well as doing mouth impressions and other dental care. The office staff was wonderful, kind, personable, and helpful with making appointments and scheduling needs. I would highly recommend Dr. John Weierbach and his staff to anyone who has a need for excellent dental care. Martha H. Martin

- Martha M

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