Patient Review

After repeatedly breaking a front tooth over last couple decades, the tooth finally broke at the gum line requiring drastic repair. Dr Weierbach was one of a few who were recommended for consultation. Despite already setting up a treatment plan elsewhere, I chose Dr. Weierbach who recommended a different approach which did not require removing ALL my front teeth but did require extensive work to open up a very tight bite. This also was more costly but ultimately should not risk damaging any new dental work since with a more open bite, my teeth would not be impacting each other. After numerous visits required to open my bite, and the removal of only the one broken tooth, I walked out with a new smile and much better appearance. I also opted to whiten my remaining natural teeth with the Zoom procedure which did not cause any pain, "zingers" or any discomfort other than the inablity to eat all my usual dark foods for 3 days. I would highly recommend Dr. Weierbach and his staff.

- Harry K

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