Patient Review

I was missing both of my lateral incisor teeth, and I had surgery done for dental implants. When it came time to start the treatment, I had a consultant with Dr. Weierbach and his team. He assured me that I was in good hands-- he was right! Besides getting the crowns, I also had ZOOM whitening done, which I would highly recommend for a quick and reliable way to whiten your teeth. During my treatment, the appliance that held my temporary teeth broke. He and his staff went the extra mile and took time out of their busy day to fix it; they reassured me that if anything like that were to happen, they should be the first ones we call. Throughout my many appointments, the staff always made sure I was comfortable and besides that, they were incredibly personable! Dr. Weierbach and his team of amazing assistants worked incredibly hard to make sure my smile was perfect while making it as painless as possible. The shade of my crowns, the shape, and the length all combine to make a very natural looking smile. I could not think of another person I would want to do my treatment with. If you or anyone you know are looking to get dental work done, Dr. Weierbach is the man to do it! He will go out of his way to make sure every detail is impeccable. Thank you guys!

- Trinity M

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